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C Application to Asterisk

USD 40,00   Buy Now

This application makes your server more powerful and efficient

With AGI your server crashes with 12 to 15 CPS

With our C application for Asterisk, your server will be able to handle more than 40 CPS with only 2 cores and 4GB of RAM. It also is able to deal with situations where it receives more than 40 CPS, which in answer to the server will send a 603 error and not crash.

Two new settings are added to your MagnusBilling installation: you're now able to set the maximum global CPS and maximum CPS per user.
This purchase includes the application and its assisted install.
It does not include technical support.

You can install a SIP proxy, like OpenSips to load balance the calls between your master and slave server, or only between slaves. The application makes the installation of a SIP Proxy like OpenSips or Kamailio possible, in order to balance the load in between your master and slave server or even only between the slaves.
An assisted installation of OpenSips is included in the price if you use more than 2 Slaves.
The C Application only handles outbound calls - it does not change the way MagnusBilling handles other stuff.
The subscription for the application is paid monthly.
If the subscription isn't paid in the due date the application disables itself without warnings or exceptions.
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