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Callback PRO

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How it work.
You add a new DID in MagnusBilling and configure an IVR adding audio and working time.

Example: Your DID number is 13605859999, when you receive a call between 9:00am -12:00am and 14:00pm - 18:00pm do you execute audio and return the call to your customer via callback.
Out of this interval, you execute another audio to inform your business time.
The calls will be added in a new menu called CallBack with all call details, like DateTime, caller number, status, numero of trying and last trying.
When you receive a call, MagnusBilling will check if have operators with status "Not in use" on Queue selected on DID destination. If exist, MagnusBilling call to the operator and then callback to caller number.

This module can use EarlyMedia, if you DID provider have activated that.
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