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MagnusBilling 7

The MagnusBilling 7 development campaign is a campaign without minimum/maximum funds raised. The MagnusSolution team is already putting in the hard work to create the best and most efficient version of MagnusBilling. Your contribution is not necessary but is extremely welcomed and appreciated. Not only that, it is definitely needed in order to keep MagnusBilling in active development and maintaining. For our 7th version we have the following additions/changes upcoming:

I. Separate tarrifs: Nowadays, each tariff consists of a buy and sell price plus other details. In version 7, the tariffs will be separated by selling tariff and provider tariff. The latter being associated to a specific trunk or trunk list.
II. A new feature, trunk lists: Now you’re able to create a trunk list in order to associate a provider tariff to it, making the whole process of importing and/or configuring tariffs way easier and faster by making the user not needing to create various duplicate tariffs.
III. The backup trunk system gets a renovation: Way easier to configure and functions 100% faithful to the trunk’s specific provider tariff, now not overwriting the backup trunk’s tariff with the original one. That means no more billing errors caused by trunk errors!
IV. A new, completely renovated and more friendly interface for all the MagnusBilling users! It’ll be way snappier and have a modernized look! No more old-fashioned looks, keep tuned in for updates!
V. All the system locale is going to be reviewed in order to make the wording and understand-ability the best possible. (English and Brazilian Portuguese!)

With all these awesome changes, we hope to make you all able to enjoy the system way more! We would like to thank everyone for the continuous years of collaboration and support as this wouldn’t be possible without you. As of now, the development of the best, most trustworthy and user friendly version of MagnusBilling has started. We await for your collaboration and hope to release this awesome new version as soon as possible!

USD 1,571.83
Project goal USD 1,571.83
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