Support per hour

Do you need help with any MagnusSolution products, or general support? We have a prepared team to help you in any issue.


Quick support,  efficient and fair price USD 40,00 per hour. 



Our comercial support is oriented to pelo you get all advantage of all our products and service, like MagnusBilling, SipProxy, etc. 


Leverage Our Experience.


Profissional support

Our professional staff can help you get the most out of MagnusBilling by answering all of your "how-to" questions and providing instruction on best practices, usage, and implementatio.


Issues Resolution

As a commercial support customer, you're not limited to get support to fix any incidents. Our services are always available, any time you need them.


Remote support

We team help you via TeamViewer.


Access to Core Development Team

Best of all, you'll be working directly with MagnusBilling developers, and not third party support agents. Meaning you'll be receiving the absolute best support possible. 


  • The meeting schedule only will confirmed after the payment.
  • The minimal time is 1 hour, is not possible split the support time.
  • The support is per time not for task.